Běloves museum of Czechoslovak fortification

Museum of fortification in Běloves includes three objects of the fortification that was constructed in Czechoslovakia before Second World War. From 1935 to 1938, 9 artillery forts, 265 infantry casemates and nearly 10 000 light pillboxes were built especially along the north border with Germany but also on the borders with Hungary, Austria and Poland. Despite the fact that huge amounts of money and enthusiasm were spent to build the fortification, it was never fully completed or used for any defence. On September 30, 1938, the Munich Agreement was signed. The Czechoslovak government was forced to save the peace in Europe and Germany occupied the border areas of Czechoslovakia. The way to World War II was opened...


Infantry casemate Březinka

Infantry casemate Březinka (2015)
Infantry casemate Březinka

N-S 82 “Březinka” infantry casemate was concreted from October 4 to 9, 1937 and its cost was evaluated at about 5 million crowns, which would now correspond to one and half million Euros. The work consists of 1 365 cubic meters of high quality reinforced concrete. The non-exposed walls are one meter thick while the roofing slab is two meter thick and the front wall is 2.25 meter thick. The bunker was equipped with one anti-tank cannon, six heavy machine guns and five light machine guns. The crew was composed of 32 men. During the World War II the object was heavily damaged, embrasures and cupolas were extracted. From 1989, the casemate has been step-by-step reconstructed into the original pre-war condition by the effort of members of the Military History Club Náchod. During fifteen years, uncared object filled with waste turned into one of the best museums of its kind.

Infantry casemate Březinka is a fully equipped and armed object; guided tour lasts 45 – 60 minutes.

Full admission 100 CZK, reduced 70 CZK.

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Infantry casemate Lom

Infantry casemate Lom (2015)

Infantry Casemate Lom is located close to Březinka (300 m) and includes the display devoted to the Czechoslovak fortification – equipment and armament of the fortification objects, maps, plans, audio-visual programme, small bookshop.

Unguided tour lasts 15 – 20 minutes, admission is free.


Infantry casemate Voda

Infantry casemate Voda (2013)

Infantry Casemate Voda contains a unique display commemorating the history of Czechoslovak army in 1918 – 1945. The fight for freedom during WWI and WWII and the Munich Crisis in 1938 are illustrated by plenty of original weapons, uniforms and equipment.

Unguided tour lasts 20 – 30 minutes.

Full admission 70 CZK, reduced 50 CZK.



Opening hours

10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

  • May, June, September: Saturdays and public holidays (1.5., 8.5., 28.9., 28.10.)
  • July and August: daily

If you plan to bring a group of 10 or more visitors, we can arrange a tour out of the opening hours for you. Please email to museum@brezinka.cz.


Casemate Voda is barrier-free. Casemates Březinka and Lom are in a hilly terrain and are not easily accessible to the disabled. There are three (five at Lom) steps leading to the upper floor of the casemate and further 16 steps between upper floor and underground floor of the casemates.




  • By car: from Prague take motorway D 11 (E 67) to Hradec Králové, here turn to the road 33 (E 67) to Náchod. In Náchod, continue straight on and follow directions to Wrocław. 1.5 km after the second roundabout, at the crossing near the shopping centre, turn right to casemate Voda (see map). From here, please use the marked trail to Březinka and Lom (about 1 km up a hill).
  • By public transport: take train or bus to railway station Náchod or bus station “Náchod, aut.st.” (see timetable), than go back about 50 m, turn left and cross the railway. On the first crossroad, turn left and continue along the main road about 1.5 km to the crossroad near the shopping centre. Here turn right to casemate Voda (see map). Alternatively, you can take bus from “Náchod,,aut.st.” and get off at “Náchod,Běloves,Kaufland” stop, which is about 100 m from casemate Voda. From here, please use the marked trail to Březinka and Lom (about 1 km up a hill).




  • By e-mail: museum@brezinka.cz
  • By mail: KVH Náchod, Běloveská 851, 547 01 Náchod, Czech Republic
  • By phone: +420 603 776 961, +420 731 886 069